WALKER COUNTY (WRCB)-- Detectives with the Walker County Sheriff's Office are investigating a mysterious shooting over the weekend.

Saturday night, 33-year-old Aundrea Couch showed up to her sister's home, with a gunshot wound to her thigh. Her sister's home is on Carolyn Drive, but Walker County Sheriff Steve Wilson says the shooting didn't happen there.

The victim's sister, Nicki Graham, says she was shocked when Couch arrived. She says she immediately called 911, and tried to stop the bleeding.

"When she pulled up we didn't even know it was her," says Graham.

With tears in her eyes, Graham describes the moment she found her wounded sister in her driveway.

"She started gasping for air," Graham says. "Her lips had already turned white. We almost lost her."

It was around 8:00 p.m. when Couch arrived. Graham's young son, 'Bubba', was outside. She says her sister immediately began calling to him for help.

"'Momma your sister's been shot' and I ran out to her with my phone and called 911'," recalls Graham.

Graham says she grabbed a jacket and applied pressure to the wound until paramedics arrived. Even though she was on the verge of a breakdown, she did her best to keep her sister calm.

"I just kept talking to her and saying, 'Aunie please stay with me, just stay with me and keep talking to me'," she says.

Couch was transported to Erlanger, while Graham and her family spent the rest of the night talking to detectives. She believes her sister was shot somewhere near her home.

"She drove herself here, but they (detectives) were saying another person was in the vehicle," says Graham.

Walker County Sheriff Steve Wilson says Couch was too heavily sedated Saturday to give detectives any information. They're hoping to talk to her Sunday.

"If I wasn't here she could have died," says Graham.

Graham says she's just glad she was home.

She doesn't know why or how Couch would end up with a gunshot wound, and says she too wants to find out more.

"Oh yeah, they'll get him," she says. "I mean whoever, they really need to get him."

Sheriff Wilson says detectives aren't ruling anything out at this point, even the possibilities that the shooting could have been accidental or self-inflicted.

Couch has been released from the hospital.

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