UPDATE: Vehicle fire destroys home in Catoosa County

No one was injured in a house fire in Catoosa County Thursday morning.

Catoosa County firefighters were called to the home in the 200 block of Meadow Green Drive around 8:00 am.

"Fortunately, when we arrived at the scene, the owners were out of the structure and told us everyone had been accounted for. Those are things you love to hear when you pull up at a scene," Catoosa County Fire Chief Randy Camp said. 

He said the family was able to save important documents, but the home is a total loss.

The fire started when a vehicle in the garage caught fire and then spread to the home, Camp said. 

Witnesses reported hearing what they thought were "explosions," but Camp said there's an explanation for that. 

"When the rubber tires on the car blow, they emit a really explosive sound and, of course, he has some LP (propane) tanks," Camp said.

Neighbor John Hutcherson said he didn't initially think the sound came from next door. 

"I thought initially it was a transformer maybe down the street or something that had blown up, sometimes that happens. It shook our house a little bit," Hutcherson said. 

Hutcherson said the initial intensity of the fire made him worried for his own home. 

"It was so hot I couldn't stand to be within 30 feet of the flames," Hutcherson said. "Yeah, I was concerned at first, and I took the hose around the house and tried to get the siding wet."

He said he's going to help his neighbors in whatever way he can, but the fire department called the Red Cross to help the family with lodging and clothes.