UPDATE: The results of the autopsies from the Medical Examiner's Office have determined the identity of the two bodies found deceased at 506 Acorn Street are in fact Andrew Gary Johnson and Anthony Larry Johnson. 

Chattanooga Police are still awaiting the results of the toxicology reports to determine the cause of death.  There were no signs of foul play or any indications that would lead Police to believe that this is a homicide. 

Officers did respond to the residence, with family members, back in 2011 in which time it was found that the residence appeared to be vacant.  A letter from the Post Office was found in the mailbox stating that they believed the residence to be vacant and to cease delivery of mail to the address. 

Officers also discovered in 2011, with family present, that there were no signs of forced entry to the residence, no foul odors, no signs of foul play or suspicious activity, and no visible/evident reason to allow forced entry to the residence.  At that time, family members indicated that they would not have been surprised if the brothers had moved without telling anyone. 

Police did not receive any calls from neighbors about a foul odor or anything suspicious about the residence.  Officers were called on Saturday by family members, who had a key to the residence, to check the status of Andrew and Anthony Johnson. 

After Officers were given the key and permission to enter, it was then that the brothers were found deceased inside the residence. While this incident is tragic and unfortunate, Andrew and Anthony lived a hermit lifestyle and did not communicate with family or anyone else. 

The brothers also gave no indication that would lead anyone to believe they had any type of mental complications, they both had a valid driver's license, insurance, owned vehicles and there were even records of them owning their own business. 

While well being checks are routine calls, department protocol was followed each time Officers responded and there were no obvious exigent circumstances that would allow Officers to force entry to the residence on any of the calls received to check the well being of the brothers. 

Since the residence was determined to be vacant and no key was available on the previous calls, Officers did not make entry. The family of Andrew and Anthony request their privacy during this time of grief.



Homeowners that live along Acorn Court are scratching their heads after finding out the badly decomposed remains of their next door neighbors were found over the weekend.

Barbara Owens lives a few doors from the house where Chattanooga Police found 63-year-old identical twins Anthony and Andrew Johnson's skeletal remains sitting in recliners in their living room.

Multiple sources tell Channel 3 the twins' sister tried to check on them in August 2011, but didn't have a key.

She called police, who would not force their way in. Finally, this weekend another family member was able to get a key to go inside.

Neighbors thought everything looked normal because the grass was cut and the mailbox wasn't overflowing.

Investigators have a good guess on the date of death based on the time stamp found on a receipt near unused cans of Coke.

Neighbors say they thought the twins stayed indoors because they had health issues and struggled with diabetes.

Chattanooga Police are still investigating this case.  The twins' family declined to comment.

UPDATE: Chattanooga Police Officers discovered two decomposed bodies, apparently identical twins in a home at 506 Acorn Court over the weekend. 

CPD officers were called to the home to check the well-being of the people who lived there.

Investigators believe Andrew and Anthony Johnson, 63, died in early 2011 based on the bodies' conditions.

Both men were severe diabetics, and officials said there were no obvious signs of trauma or foul play. At this time there are no signs of foul play as the cause of deaths

The bodies will be examined by the Medical Examiner to determine the identity and cause of death of the deceased.   

The investigation is currently under way.

PREVIOUS STORY: Chattanooga Police were called to a welfare check at a home on Acorn Court. When officers arrived they discovered two bodies inside the home. Sgt. Wayne Jefferson says the bodies were badly decomposed and had been there for some time. At this point, he says no foul play is suspected.

A neighbor tells Channel 3 two men in their 60s lived in the home and she had not seen them for quite some time.

Investigators are working to contact family members. Police are also working to confirm the last time the two individuals were seen. He says the bodies are being sent off for autopsies.