Move over UPS truck: Amazon delivery vans to hit the street

Amazon boxes are stacked for delivery in New York. Photo by Mike Segar / Reuters file

Prime Day 2020 was another big success and while Amazon has not released any numbers of overall sales, the company did announce the 48-hour sales event was big for small and medium businesses in its stores.

If you made a purchase or multiple purchases during Prime Days, October 13th-14th, you may still have not received your package. So what's up? The primary reason is a shortage of products. Amazon's gadgets like the Echo Dot and Echo Show sold out and it's taking over a month in some cases to replenish the supply.

What about that 2-day free shipping you get by paying $120 a year for Prime? According to Amazon's policy, the 2-day window doesn't start when you place the order but begins when the item is shipped. If that isn't soon enough, you can cancel the order.

If you don't receive your Amazon package when it says you should visit their customer service center online. You'll find a link somewhere on the website. I've found if you are nice about it, the Amazon agent may give you a store credit, or extend your Prime membership by a month. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason for this. So just be polite and see what happens.

Many shoppers may have pulled the trigger on a deal only to decide later they don't need or want it. You can always ask for a refund. Due to COVID-19 and shipping delays, Amazon is allowing for returns and refunds well past the normal 30-day window. Things purchased from now through the holidays are eligible for a full refund through January. So if you bought something last week to give as a Christmas present, and they don't like or want it, or you find a better deal on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, you can return it by printing out a shipping label or take it to UPS, Kohls or another retail partner. You won't even have to box it up.

And if you got lucky and took advantage of big savings, don't forget to give back. Take those Amazon boxes, fill them with things you no longer need or want, and give them to charity.

GiveBackBox will send you a shipping label. Print it out, put it on the box of items and ship it off.

GiveBackBox will donate the items to one of the many charities it helps. If you allow Give Back Box to choose the charity, it costs you nothing.

They'll accept clothing and household items. Really most anything, except liquids, fragile or hazardous items. They'll even arrange to have them picked up for free at your house. Just visit GiveBackBox's website.