Dickel: TN whiskey storage law threatened plant

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - A bill to repeal a state law that sets requirements for which spirits can Be marked as "Tennessee Whiskey" is poised for full committee votes in both the House and Senate next week.


With a quorum of three members present on Wednesday, the House State Government Subcommittee advanced the measure sponsored by Republican Rep. Bill Sanderson Kenton on a voice vote.


The law was passed in 2013 at the behest Jack Daniel's, which argues it establishes minimum quality standards. It requires whiskey to be filtered through charcoal and aged in unused barrels in order to be sold as Tennessee Whiskey.


Opponents include the owners of the Prichard's and Full Throttle Distillery, who argue it requires the use of techniques they don't want to adhere to.

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