Red Bank Residents Say: "There's no room for drugs here."

RED BANK, HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WRCB) - Some Red Bank residents say they had a gut-check when the Red Bank SWAT Team swarmed a house in their neighborhood.

But after what came out of the house next door, some say with kids in the neighborhood, the nonsense isn't welcome.

"It kinda makes me mad as hell, I'm sorry," says Dennis Waters.

The news didn't sit well with Waters. He says he knew something was going on Friday.  He saw the SWAT team swarming 135 Hendricks Boulevard.

"They had their belts, their pistols, then they had a whole hand full of m-16s," says Waters.

Police arrested 24 year old Raymond Taylor.  He's facing a slew of drug and gun charges.  

"You got kids here playing you don't need that," says Waters.

Waters says the neighborhood is full of young families with kids.  He says his grandson rides his bike around their apartment on Hendricks.

"Yea, it scares me it bothers me," says Waters' wife, Gena.

Gena Waters became emotional just talking about it.  Through tears she says what scares her is what police seized from duplex down the way.  They found about $10,000 worth of weed, 75 Ecstacy pills, mushrooms, and about $4,000 in cash.

Here's the kicker, police seized 7 guns and the ammunition to boot.  The list includes an assault rifle and a 9 mm pistol with the serial numbers removed.

Dennis and Gena Waters say there's no room for drug dealing in their neighborhood or what can come with the territory.

"I mean I know it's everywhere, it's America, God bless America, but when you got kids in the area you don't need it," says Dennis Waters.

Investigators say Taylor told them he made his money landscaping.  They say they also talked with Tayor's girlfriend who is pregnant.  She told police they were just doing this until the baby was born and they would move to find a better place.   Taylor is expected in court later this month.