The Festival is Over, But the Process of Riverbend Cleanup Begins

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- Richard Beeland of Mayor Ron Littlefield's office said, "Mr Page informed the city personnel office that he is retiring immediately."

That was the announcement from the city after Paul Page stepped down as the General Services Director Tuesday morning.

This all comes after sexual harassment claims from two women in 2008 and an EEOC ruling that their was indeed evidence of misconduct.

Beeland said the decision to resign is no surprise.

"In a case like this, this is not something that is uncommon in any city government," Beeland said.

Channel Three obtained a copy of the letter sent to city department heads alleging sexual harassment by page in 2008.

The woman said she "Witnessed Page harassing at least two other women in the office."

It goes on to say "Other women had problems with Page as well."

Beeland said the city holds sexual harassment training's constantly with employees, to avoid this very situation.

"It's important to know what not to do and what do if this ever happens to you," Beeland said.

Page was hired by the city in 2005 and before resigning, made close to $100K a year.

In the 2008 harassment claim, the woman claims Page "Leered" at women, and even went as far as to ask her for sexual favors.

That's when the woman claims she would, "leave the conversation."

Councilman Jack Benson said Page is looking to set the record straight.

"He has expressed to proceed with litigation on those that might have said this about him."

We contacted the city attorney about the allegations they missed the EEOC's reply deadline and attorney Mike McMahan said simply, "They are working on a resolution."

Page will not receive severance for his resignation, but will draw from retirement.