New details in the Whitfield County fatal shootings

Story by Megan Boatwright

Eyewitness News Reporter

WHITFIELD COUNTY, GA. (WRCB)-- Dalton police were called to a home on Rainbow Circle in Dawnville Thursday night.

The home was full of children, celebrating a birthday, when David Hartline walked in with a gun.

He shot his ex-girlfriend who she survived, but he killed two other people.

Hartline was also shot and later died from the wounds, leaving the question of who shot him?

Friday we knew there was a second gun in the home, but police hadn't said who killed Hartline.

Saturday, despite the fact that the investigation is on-going, Whitfield County deputies theorize that Mindy Bullard's father might have unloaded two shots before dying himself.

We've heard the voice of Mindy Bullard frantically calling 911 and hiding her children in the attic right before her ex-boyfriend David Hartline, a man she'd been trying to get out of her life, entered the room.

Male voice: "People shot out here on Rainbow Circle. Get the ambulances out here quick!"

But Bullard's call was just one of many Thursday night. In another call the male voice pleads for a quick response.

911: "What's going on sir?"

Male voice: "Man is killing people out here, killing people!"

The caller stays on the phone with the dispatcher for a few more minutes identifying the shooter by name. A man we now know served a seven year prison sentence for child molestation. He was released in 2007.

Male voice: "He's in the house or around the house I don't know. Oh here he comes."

In a portion of the call Channel 3 is choosing not to air, the line goes silent before four gun shots rang out.

"The children were well mannered, composed, well dressed," says neighbor Azalea Thompson.

Azalea Thompson lives nearby. Mindy Bullard's children stayed at her home for several hours Thursday before relatives arrived to take them.

"Children can't possibly conceive what has happened last night," says Thompson.

Thompson says she just hopes the children who were inside the home and witnessed the violence will be able to recover.

"I pray for them. I feel that I hope that the children will be okay," says Thompson.

In another 911 call to Whitfield County, a Murray County dispatcher points out that their center had received calls earlier in the day that Hartline had caused a scene at the birthday party.

According to police, Hartline showed up to the home twice that day, the second time with a gun.