Local crew & massive boiler head to Louisiana to help provide residents electricity

A crew and a massive piece of equipment from Chattanooga is heading out in the morning to New Orleans to help bring some relief to the city.

Waterford 3 is a nuclear plant that provides electricity to customers in Louisiana.

"It affects a tremendous amount of people," Industrial Boiler & Mechanical Company President & Founder Randy Massingill said.

Massingill said as precaution, the nuclear plant was turned off because of the storm, but now it's time to turn it back on, so Industrial Boiler and Mechanical Company is heading to Louisiana to help.

"It's necessary for this to happen because you can't just start a nuclear plant up dead cold, the whole system has to be warmed up," Massingill said.

He said the 130,000 pound boiler will help the system warm-up.

"As the burner runs inside the boiler, it generates heat and once the water comes up to over 212 degrees inside it, it provides steam," Massingill said.

Massingill said that steam, produces energy, and will help provide electricity, when it's safe, to almost everyone in New Orleans and the surrounding area.

"Getting power, electricity up to those people who need it to be able to run their homes, their lights, their freezers, all those things," Massingill said.

He said as long as any damage to the nuclear plant is fixed, it could be back online by the end of the week.