UPDATE: 1 person killed in interstate tractor trailer crash

UPDATE: An early morning tractor trailer crash involving two trucks took the life of one driver Friday morning.

The accident took place on Interstate 24 westbound near mile marker 151 when ontruck slammed into the rear of the trailer of the other semi.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol tells Channel 3 that the two trucks involved in this morning's accident were traveling at a 50 mph difference at impact. The traffic investigation is underway.

Westbound I-24 has been re-opened, but motorists should expect delays as traffic patterns return to normal.

Traffic was diverted from westbound Interstate 24 at the South Pittsburg exit to other surface roads.

The truck that rear-ended the other was from Atlanta and the THP tells Channel 3 that driver died on impact. That truck was carrying frozen meat.

The truck that was rear-ended had two people inside who had minor injuries and were taken to Erlanger. Their truck was carrying lumber. The two trucks stuck together in the crash and traveled 400-500 yards before coming to a stop, according to investigators.

Tennessee Highway Patrol Sgt. David Roark was helping investigate the accident. He'll examine something similar to a black box inside the trucks to determine speed, location, etc.

"We found two vehicles stuck together and blocking the right hand land. We shut down traffic because vehicles were running over stuff and damaging tires," Sgt. Roark said.

Sgt. Roark said the extrication process took several hours. A representative from the Atlanta-based trucking company was on hand to help identify the driver.

A diesel spill from the accident required HAZMAT teams to respond and contain the small spill. Fire crews from nearby  Kimball and Jasper were also on hand to help THP. South Pittsburg police also helped divert traffic.

No charges have been filed pending the investigation.

EARLIER STORY: One person is dead after a serious crash in Marion County. West bound traffic on I-24 near the Kimball exit is shutdown.

Dispatch tells us two tractor trailers crashed on 24 near mile marker 151. Westbound traffic is closed while crews clean up debris. HAZMAT is also on the scene cleaning spilled diesel.

Officials on the scene tell us the victim is trapped inside one of the trucks and they are working to extricate the body.

Traffic is being diverted. Commuters should avoid the area.

Count on Channel 3 for any developments to this story.

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