Ministry shuts down after local newspaper tests oil-producing bible

A north Georgia ministry has shut down after a local newspaper called into question the legitimacy of the oil the group has been using to heal people.

It all started with a story by a faith reporter at the Chattanooga Times Free Press.

Wyatt Massey's stories on the ministry called "His Name is Flowing Oil" has caught the attention of many.

It all started when Massey heard about a large number of people flocking to the ministry's services in Dalton.

"They got hundreds of people every week to come to their services and it was much more focused on worship and then this idea that the bible was producing oil," he said.

The ministry's website includes testimonies from several people who said the oil from the bible healed them.

Massey said he started to look further into the phenomenon when he received a tip.

"One of the main leaders of the ministry was going to Tractor Supply in Dalton regularly and buying mineral oil," he added.

He had viles of the oil from the bible tested at the University of Tennessee's Chattanooga campus and it matched the brand of mineral oil from the Tractor Supply in Dalton.

The ministry has since shut down but Jerry Pearce, one of the ministry's leaders, told Channel 3 he stands by the ministry's work and said while at one time he did buy mineral oil from Tractor Supply, he never mixed it with the oil produced from the bible.

He declined Channel 3's request for an interview but did say he disputes Massey's reporting.

"We are never saying that their religious experience is not true. We are just laying out the facts that we know that have come up. We're not in the position to say that, whatever you felt in that church or in that space or when the oil touched you wasn't real or wasn't real to you. The facts led us to some conclusions but also opened up a lot more questions," Massey said.

Channel 3 checked with the Dalton Police Department and the district attorney. They both tell Channel 3 they do not have any complaints against the ministry and are not investigating their operations.

You can read Massey's stories here.