Investigation of officer-involved shooting that killed man at local gas station continues

The investigation continues into an officer-involved shooting at a busy Chattanooga gas station on Friday evening.

A Chattanooga police officer shot a suspect, killing him. This, after the suspect fired first. 

Now, we're getting a look at the officer's point of view. 

The video, from a Chattanooga police officer's body camera, shows how fast a call can change.

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This instance took less than two minutes. 

The officer, who hasn't been named, was responding to a call of a crash on North Moore Road around 5:15 Friday evening. 

When the officer arrived, a person involved in the crash ran away from the scene.

The officer chased the person, later identified as Brandon Keith Davis, 27, to a gas station on Shallowford Road. 

About a minute into the video, you hear the officer yell at the suspect to stop. 

Then, the video shows Davis point a gun at the officer and fire, at least three times. 

The officer takes cover behind a vehicle and fires back four times. 

Chattanooga Police Chief David Roddy said Friday officers rendered aid to Davis, but he later died from his injuries. 

No one else was hurt. 

"This is another example of a Chattanooga police officer that was placed at risk doing their job and they responded heroically, they put themselves in danger unfortunately we have a tragedy at the end of it but it demonstrates what these men and women are willing to do every single day for the citizens of Chattanooga," Roddy said Friday. 

Officials said Davis was wanted out of Anderson County on a number of charges including attempted first degree murder, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, vandalism and domestic assault. 

It's unclear if the officer knew this at the time of the shooting. 

Hours after the shooting, the Chattanooga Police Department released the officer's body camera video. 

Channel 3 wanted to know why the department chose to share the video with the public. 

"We frequently release footage, when possible, of higher profile incidents for the purpose of transparency," CPD Spokesperson Jeremy Eames said via a statement. 

The officer involved is now on paid leave, which is protocol, while the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office handles the investigation. 

"Everything from what caused the crash, to circumstances on the crash scene, the resulting foot pursuit and then unfortunately the officer involved shooting that transpired at the end will all work toward one investigation," Roddy said Friday. 

When the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office completes their investigation, they will turn everything over to the Hamilton County district attorney, who will then decide if the shooting was justified. 

This is the second officer-involved shooting involving a Chattanooga police officer this year, both of which happened within the same week.

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