CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -— Highland Park Baptist Church announced Sunday that it is relocating to their 58-acre property on Highway 58 in Harrison, just south of Hunter Road and changing its name to "Church of the Highlands." 

In a unanimous decision by the pastor, staff, long-range planning committee, and deacons, the 122-year-old historic church will re-launch with a fresh start and a new name & location effective January 20, 2013.

The church will sell all of their property in the Highland Park neighborhood and build a new location at the peak of their property on Highway 58, directly across from the Harrison Bay Marina.  Another church will buy the existing property and the Highland Park neighborhood will be even more effectively reached for Christ.

Church of the Highlands will have a philosophical transition in ministry to serve the community more intentionally.  The new facilities the church is building will assist them in more strategically reaching others for Christ in a more progressive, 21st century model for ministry.

In 1946, Highland Park Baptist Church started Tennessee Temple University.  While the church is relocating and renaming, Tennessee Temple University will remain in the Highland Park neighborhood.