Homeowners worry about property value amid lead contaminated soil

We are now in week two of the government shutdown and it's not only impacting workers, but home buyers too. If you're in the market to buy a home your plans might be on hold, especially if you are banking on a government loan.

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"Based off where you're wanting to buy or what the requirements are, you might have a slowdown," said realtor Mark Hite.

Home-buyers hoping to use a USDA or Rural Development loan can't get that money until the government re-opens.

But realtor Mark Hite said other options are available, like going through a local lender.

However, that's not always possible.

"It's going to be a wait and see," Hite said. "If that's the best loan program to fit your budget and your goals, then waiting out is the option.”

The other problem is the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Someone who is self-employed or needs to show a transcript from the IRS to obtain a loan can't get that either. 

“If your loan condition requires you to have transcripts verified by the IRS, you are dead in the water right now," said Hite.

Hite said if you are using a government loan and don't want to wait out the shutdown, you should talk to your lender and see if there are other options that could help you.

Hite said the biggest concerns are buyers with a deadline.

"Experience tells me having done this for a long time that this too shall pass," Hite said. "As long as you're not in jeopardy of losing your housing. Perhaps you gave notice at an apartment and there's someone moving in, and you're not going to have a place; those are the one's that we've got to really step up our game and make sure we are protecting and giving good insight."

Hite said buyers should not panic over the shutdown, but keep it in mind while you're looking at houses.