Full Hunter's Moon rising Sunday night

Photo by Jeff Hollett/ MGN Online.

The Full Moon after the Harvest Moon is called the Hunter's Full Moon.

This year, it falls in October.  It's also known as the Travel Moon or Dying Grass Moon. The full moon this month gets its name from game fattening up this time of year. As farmers harvested in September, it made October a better time to see game. 

The full moon rises in Chattanooga on Sunday at 7:28 PM EDT, and sets at 8:17 AM EDT on Monday.

What's special about this year's Hunter Full Moon, is it rises near our sunset time, and sets during our sunrise time.

What's this mean? It could have an orange hue to it. As it rises low in the horizon near sunset, it could give the illusion it looks larger, too. This is the same phenomena that gives our sunsets oranges and reds. Light is being scattered, making this full moon a bit extra special.

Another important tidbit about the Hunter's Moon is it will look full the night before (Saturday night) and the night after, (Monday night). On Saturday, the moon will be visible in Chattanooga after 7:00 PM EDT, and on Monday after 7:57 PM EDT. 

Enjoy the fun and spookiness of this month's full moon!

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