COVID care packages bring morale up for hospitalized COVID patients

An idea was created to give hospitalized COVID patients a bit of joy by a nurse who works at Erlanger East.

Nurse Hillary Rogers said the community has rallied behind the COVID care packages.

"Anything that you can do to keep your mind sharp, keep your morale up to participate in your care, and the COVID care packages just really helped them do that,” said Rogers.

Covid care packages are filled with items such as magazines, word search books, chapstick, tissues, journals, and more.

Rogers created them a few months ago for COVID patients. "Just a little bag of necessities to just make you handle the circumstances. It is really stressful to be in the hospital with COVID,” she said.

The bags started at Erlanger East, and have now expanded to other hospitals even ones in different states.

Local churches helped by donating the supplies, along with community members in the St. Elmo Historic District.

Dianne Shrum and her granddaughter Meadow Smoker have created around 300 bags already.

"If they are bored they won't have to just twiddle their thumbs they can have something to do,” said Megan Smoker, the granddaughter.

"Something to distract the situation they are in,” said Shrum.

Rogers said COVID patients have had to deal with isolation which can be depressing.

She said both the patients and the nurses have had their morale boosted by the care packages.

"It's important as a nurse that we care for patients in a holistic fashion. We are not just there giving you medication and oxygen. We need to care for you in spirit, mind, and body,” said Rogers.

If you want to help donate supplies for the COVID care packages you can email