More than 9-million veterans are enrolled in the Veterans Health Administration services.

Some local veterans say they're frustrated when it comes to getting their services.

"I'm more than a number, I'm a freedom fighter," Fischer said.

Retired Army Veteran, Robert Fisher joined the Army in 2004 and was deployed to Iraq in 2006. He served six tours. After his M1 Abrams ran over a 300 pound IED he suffered multiple injuries, including losing part of his right leg below the knee.

"It's bad to wait for a prosthetic leg. You can get cysts and rubs and stuff like that and it's hindering you not to work and now it's hurting the financial side from me and my family," he said.

He says he's had a hard time scheduling appointments with the VA. They keep getting canceled and rescheduled.

"Once they get you an appointment.. a day or two...they cancel it we'll call you back and get rescheduled. And a lot of times 2-3 weeks sometimes 5-8 weeks until you get a response back," he said.

Fisher says he's also frustrated with the time he has when he actually gets face to face with the doctor.

"Normally they give you an hour an allotted time with the doctor and by the time they go through their history you've got a good 10 minutes to go through what's wrong with you It's pretty much just check the block, are you going to hurt yourself or hurt others?? No. Then it's out the door you go," He said.

Fisher says he will keep up the fight to get the services he needs and encourages his fellow Veterans to do so too.

"I've been fighting with the VA since 2013 and it's below sub par health coverage from the VA."

Channel three spoke to Fisher in the parking lot of the Chattanooga VA Clinic and were asked to leave and conduct the interview with him off of the premises.

After reaching out to the VA for a response to Fisher's claims, they provided the following:

"Under no circumstances would we ever turn away a veteran in need that is the sole purpose of us existing is to help each and every veteran so any veteran that needs assistance can always come to Tennessee Valley Health Care System," John Anderson, Public Affairs Officer of Tennessee Valley Health Care System.


Alyse Zwick joined the Local 3 News Team in November of 2021. She grew up in Powder Springs, and was Miss New York 2009.

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