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As schools across the state pore over the data from the spring 2023 Tennessee Comprehensive Academic Program (TCAP) test results, local schools are reacting to the news.

Hamilton County Schools - 77% of HCS 3rd graders eligible for promotion to the 4th grade with no additional interventions.

More than three-fourths of Hamilton County Schools (HCS) third graders are eligible for promotion to the fourth grade with no additional interventions following the release of raw TCAP data from the Tenn. Dept. of Education.

Starting with the 2022-23 school year, the Tennessee Learning Loss Remediation and Student Acceleration Act requires any third-grade student who is not proficient in the literacy portion of the TCAP to repeat the 3rd grade or receive additional instruction in literacy to be promoted to the 4th grade.

Out of the district’s 3,488 third-grade students, 2,681 are eligible to be promoted to fourth grade without any additional intervention based on their proficiency on the TCAP, eligible student exemptions, or eligibility to appeal.

Forty percent of third-grade students were eligible based on a proficient TCAP score, 25% of students qualify for an exemption, and 12% of students are eligible to appeal with the Tennessee Department of Education.

Twenty-three percent of third graders, or 807 students, did not score proficient on TCAP assessment or meet any exemption criteria. These students were scheduled to take the new second-try TCAP assessment offered to them at their school Monday and Tuesday, May 22-23.

These students will have the opportunity to improve their score, resulting in fewer interventions when promoted to the fourth grade. Of these students, approximately 400 students will be required to attend Summer Reach to be eligible for promotion to the 4th grade.

Starting on Tuesday afternoon, May 23, HCS will send communications to families who are eligible for appeal or will need to attend Summer Reach. These communications will include the information necessary to either submit an appeal to the Tennessee Department of Education, or ensure a student is enrolled in Summer Reach.

The Reach program operates from June 5-30 from 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. for elementary school and 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. for middle school. The program is entirely free. Students will receive a free lunch every day, and transportation will be provided.

Each day students will have instruction in reading and math, time for physical activity, and hands-on activities. Families can still register for Summer Reach through PowerSchool. See the Hamilton Co. Dept of Education website for further instructions. 

Bradley County Schools

Bradley County Schools reported that its third-grade students have recorded exceptional scores on the recently released ELA TCAP data.

According to the information released by the Tennessee Department of Education, the third-grade students of Bradley County Schools performed in the top 20% of the state in English Language Arts (ELA). Bradley County ranks 27th of 142 Tennessee districts regarding third-grade ELA scores.

93% of third-grade students meet the state guidelines for advancement into fourth grade based on proficiency levels, exemptions and appeal criteria. The results show 53% of students are meeting or exceeding the standards in ELA based on TCAP alone.

Cleveland City Schools

Cleveland City Schools announced that nearly 87% of third graders meet requirements for fourth grade without any interventions based on their proficiency on the TCAP, eligible student exemptions, or eligibility to appeal.

Based on the final results of the ELA portion, including retakes, data revealed that 36% of the district’s 425 third-grade students tested achieved proficiency.

Cleveland City Schools had 38% of third-grade students qualify for an exemption due to a disability or because they are English language learners.

Additionally, 13% of students can appeal with the Tennessee Department of Education in the summer.

Cleveland City Schools offers a summer academic program for all students in grades K-7, prioritizing those needing academic interventions. For more information regarding the Summer Academic program or any inquiries, contact their central office at 423-472-9571.

Bledsoe County Schools

- No response

Grundy County Schools - Dr. Donald C. Durley, Director of Schools: "Late Friday afternoon, the state released TCAP raw scores. Processed data was shared with third grade parents to inform them if their child needed to retest on Monday or Tuesday.

After analyzing district data, 86% of third grade students are eligible to move on to the fourth grade. Students retested on Monday and Tuesday of this week. 14% of Grundy County third grade students will need to attend Summer Learning Camps for promotion to the next grade.

We are proud of the hard work and dedication of our teachers, staff members, students, and parents throughout this process."

Marion County Schools

Director of Marion County Schools, Mark Griffith says the school system will be sharing a statement on Wednesday. 

Meigs County Schools

- No response

McMinn County Schools - Director of Schools Lee Parkison:

"We had 110 students (33%) that are being retested today and tomorrow. These will need the 'promotion path' of testing, summer camp, or tutoring"

McMinn County School’s Elementary Supervisor, Steven Brady, says "raw testing data shows 33 percent of their students did not meet expectations. Those students spent Tuesday retaking the test."

- If they pass the test, they will be promoted to fourth grade.

- Those who do not pass the test, must attend the summer classes and/or receive tutoring. 

Polk County Schools - Dr. James Jones, Director Of Schools: “We are still reviewing scores and are not ready to release them.”

Rhea County School - Lori Derlak, Assistant Director of the Rhea County Department of Education, told Local 3: "In regard to the 3rd grade, we have 29% of our 3rd grade students that have been flagged for potential retention. This percentage is after we removed previously retained students, students with IEPs indicating disabilities in reading, English Learners that have received less than two years of ELA instruction, and students that successfully passed the 3rd grade retake opportunity at this point."

Sequatchie County Schools - Director Of Schools Sarai Pierce: "The General Assembly passed legislation that impacted all students enrolled in third grade across the state.  Sequatchie County School Board was one of many who sent letters to elected officials asking for improvements to be made to such legislation.

Of the 137 third graders at Griffith Elementary School, 40 had to retake the online test.  Once results are returned (TDOE says 48 hr turnaround), families will know what options they have as a pathway to be promoted to 4th grade. Director of Schools, Sarai Pierce, commented saying, “Regardless of what one standardized test score says, we know that miracles happen inside the walls of public schools every day. We take all students and teach all students. We are thankful for the teachers and families who come together and help prepare their students for the future.”