The Hamilton County School District partnered with the Public Education Foundation and Volkswagen to offer teachers a unique opportunity to dive deep into technology.

Monday was the first day of the three-day Digital Fabrication Conference designed to introduce students to STEM.

Michael Stone with the Public Education Foundation says the conference is a hands-on, minds-on conference for teachers all over the nation.

Stone says teachers will learn how to use 3D printers, vinyl cutters, and laser engraving along wit a variety of other tech tools.

He says the three-day conference is about unleashing teachers' creativity.

Over 150 teachers from 17 different states states attended selling out the conference for the first time.

"The world's changing quickly and technology is changing very quickly for teacher's to prepare students to be able to thrive and have the skills and knowledge to be able to thrive in the future, they have to have opportunities like this."

Stone hopes teachers can walk away with a better sense of what is possible and a spark of creativity and imagination.