UPDATE: Murray County educators arrested for a variety of charges

It will be up to the Murray County Board of Education to decide the fate of three educators, all arrested this month on unrelated drug and alcohol charges.

Two North Murray County High School teachers and a Pre-K teacher's aide were arrested by three different agencies within three weeks.

It's still not clear if those three teachers will be allowed to return to the classroom when school starts this fall. A spokesperson for Murray County schools said an investigation into the allegations is ongoing, but the district takes the charges very seriously.

“Very concerning, any time a teacher is arrested it is a concern,” said Eton Police Chief, Todd Pasley.

Chief Pasley said his officers smelled marijuana coming from 46-year-old Richard Seeman's home while responding to a complaint.

Seeman, a North Murray County High School math teacher, told police he smoked all the marijuana he had before police searched the house.

“Misdemeanor amount; less than an ounce of marijuana. Found some drug related objects, like grinders used to grind marijuana, a small set of scales, and rolling papers.”

Seeman is the third Murray County educator charged with a crime in the last 20 days.

The Georgia State Patrol arrested 26-year-old John Kiser and charged him with DUI and other traffic-related charges earlier this month. Kiser is the cross-country coach and exceptional student services teacher at North Murray High.

A teacher's aide was also arrested in a third and unrelated case. According to the Murray County Sheriff's Office, 31-year-old Amy Reed, was communicating on Facebook with a woman and agreed to give her meth. Officers pulled her car over. No meth was found. Detectives believe Reed ate the drugs.

A spokesperson for the school district said Seeman and Kiser are both under contract for the 2017-2018 school year. Reed isn't under contract, but is still set to be in the classroom.

School officials are conducting their own investigation, but it will ultimately be up to the superintendent and the school board to determine if the three stay or go.

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