Scammers requesting money using fake Hamilton County school email address

An email from a fake Hamilton County school email address is requesting money from parents.

The email states there is an overdue payment that has to be paid by the end of next day. It does not specify why there is an overdue payment, but there is a link listed in the email to submit the payment.

The email sender uses the name "Amy Williams" and claims to be from Normal Park.

“We don't even have a former email address that matches that email,” said Tim Hensley, HCDE spokesperson. “For a payment or something of that nature we would not ask for someone to click on that.”

The email also includes a Nashville area code and missing and misspelled words.

Hensley says it is the first time this school year parents have been targeted by scammers, but it is not the first time Central Office staff have dealt with phishing emails.

“We get phishing emails all of the time,” said Hensley. “We have seen some that come to the district trying to get employees to think it's from the superintendent or someone like that. Usually, they will use the superintendent's name but it's a different email that it comes from.”

So how do you protect yourself from emails like these? We took our questions to our technology expert Jamey Tucker.

"It happens a lot and the reason it happens is because it works. They look legitimate, but identical to other emails from that organization. All it takes is someone clicking the link and they instantly have access," said Tucker. "Just be smart. Be wise when you get any kind of email from any organization, especially when they're asking you to submit credit card information or anything like that."

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