Train tracks are causing major delays for some people in Soddy Daisy, emergency responders, and children attending school.

The conflict comes due to privately owned train tracks.

"Every time a car crosses the railroad tracks it's trespassing," House Representative Robin Smith said.

Robin Smith's said her number one issue is getting privately owned railroads to work with taxpayer roads to make the traffic flow more accessible to everyone.

"When I was going door to door in the summer and fall of 2018 in the Hixson and Soddy daisy area the number one issue when I encountered individuals at their front porch or any sort of neighborhood event, it was the issue of their taxpayer roads with their blocked trains," Smith said.

Last year, she passed a bill to begin putting a halt on this problem. With an enhanced economy in the area, train traffic has grown. A study published by TOT and The City of Chattanooga in 2008 showed every 24 hours 36-44 trains would pass by on Hamill Rd. As of March 2019, that was more than double. 75 trains per day.

"Not only are we seeing a larger volume of traffic but we are also seeing clearly longer trains. The conflict is between the taxpayer dollars and the taxpayer roads," Smith said.

This bill will allow residents to report the blocked trains to a national database overseen by the Federal Rail Authority. The top five areas will receive resources first.

"I would encourage all of our neighbors to use that to report blocked crossings so that we can push our rank up that list so that when TOT next year presents that data to the general assembly as well as the municipalities to the city of Chattanooga and Soddy daisy that we are in the top 5. Because it will be the top 5 that gain the attention and the resources of TOT and a coordinated effort," she said.

The location of these sightings, an area that creates a double track system where a train will come in and wait, is Hamill Road, Thrasher Pike, and Soddy Daisy Crossing. The Hamill Road location is about 1200 feet away from a hospital. If emergency crews are detoured it could be a matter of life or death.

"I'm working with our legal services now that would lift the immunity for the railroads that there could be a cause of action...civilly and/or criminally if there was a death results or disability," Smith said.

The solution to add an overpass to these areas will be costly. At Hamill Road alone it will cost over $30-million.