According to the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office, a Signal Mountain man tried to kill another man at his home in Ooltewah.

The victim said the man who tried to kill him was his Veteran Affairs counselor several years ago and was his good friend.

Monday we caught up with Vietnam veteran John Selleh, who is processing a near death experience.

"I was surprised and disappointed. About ten squad cars came to this area Friday night," recalled Selleh.

The Hamilton County Sheriff's office indicated on the affidavit we obtained that the incident happened Friday evening around 6.

Phillip Bryant Elliot tried to kill Selleh on Balata Road and damaged his home. Elliot broke windows, dented doors and ran his truck through Selleh's kitchen. Selleh then went over his neighbor's house to call authorities.

"I am used to things happening for no apparent reason. But this is the worse I have seen," said Selleh.

According to the Sheriff's Office, Selleh had a gun when deputies arrived. He then dropped the "unloaded" weapon and said he was using it for protection. They also found two loaded pistols in Elliot's car.

While deputies were talking to Selleh, law enforcement found Elliot in the entrance of the neighborhood on foot.

Elliot told law enforcement he had tried to kill Selleh a couple times before and acted on it this time. He believed Selleh killed kids while driving a truck in the 1970s, according to the affidavit. We didn't see Selleh was ever charged with that through a public record search.

"Why Phil? Why? I knew he had probably lost a little bit of mental capacity," said Selleh.

Questions asked to someone he considered a friend years ago.

"He became my counselor eight years ago," said Selleh.

Elliot was arrested for first degree attempted murder and vandalism over 60,000 dollars.

He is currently in Silverdale Detention Center with a one million dollar bond.

"Hopefully that will keep his family safe and me safe as well," said Selleh.