MAKING A DIFFERENCE: 'Kentucky Campers on Mission' volunteer at local organization

Volunteers with the group ‘Kentucky Campers on Mission’ have a heart for serving others.

Their desire to serve has literally taken them across the Southeast helping people.

The volunteers, who are from all over Kentucky, say they go wherever they are needed.

This week, they’re at Bethel Bible Village in Hamilton County helping with various projects.

“This group will do anything we ask them to. They’ve been on roofs, under houses, they clean signs and banners after an event and get ready for another event. They’re tearing up flooring out of a house,” said Nancy Hoover with Bethel Bible Village.

The group of Christian campers travel in RVs and stay on campus until their work is finished.

The group has visited Bethel every year since 2006, except in 2020 when the pandemic began.

“One of our original members had connections through Bethel and that’s part of the reason we started coming here and it was just a continuation. Bethel has been wonderful to us. They’ve taken us in as family,’ said Garnetta Rawlings who has been with the ministry since 1998.

They say they’re glad to be back this year and plan to spend about a week helping out at Bethel.

“It’s been a blessing just meeting different types of people, meeting people all over the area, just getting to witness sharing Christ with them, just loving on people,” said volunteer Ann Brown.

The volunteers say they enjoy fellowship while camping and always look forward to their next visit.

The group is always accepting new volunteers.