A two year-old boy is alive because of a Hamilton County 911 telecommunicator who was able to provide CPR instructions over the phone.

On June 30th, Beau Boutwell answered a call about a 2 year-old boy who was found face down in a backyard pool. 

“The father had called in and he was frantic,” said Boutwell.

The child needed help.

“He told me what was going on. He said he was drained of color and he wasn’t breathing,” said Boutwell. 

During the 911 call, Boutwell was able to talk the little boy’s father through eight rounds of CPR. 

“He kind of had an inkling of what was supposed to be going on. He was just in a mindset that wasn’t allowing him to focus on that task,” Boutwell told Local 3 News.

Boutwell, who is CPR Certified, never stopped instructing the caller on lifesaving measures or checking on the status of the toddler.

By the time EMS arrived, the little boy was breathing again. He was transported by ambulance to the hospital. 

The call could’ve ended in life or death. 

Boutwell says he's happy he was able to help the little boy and his dad.

"I was sent a picture of him walking out of T.C. Thompson with his son and that was an amazing feeling," Boutwell told Local 3 News. 

Boutwell has been a telecommunicator for three years and says he enjoys dealing with people.

He was honored with a Hamilton County 911 Emergency Communications’ Life Saver Award for his actions. 


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