Telecommunicators work long, odd hours to help keep people in the community safe.

When there's an emergency, Hamilton County 911 Telecommunicator Advanced Tracy Boyd is one of the first people to respond.

"The pursuits, the different swat calls, the standoffs, those kinds of things. Those are very much adrenaline rushes,” said Boyd.

Boyd is one of the telecommunicators who connects residents with life-saving services.

"You don't know what the next call is going to be” said Boyd. “There's always a new challenge and it's exciting but we also get to help a lot of people.”

Boyd has been answering the call for many years, first in the Air Force and later for Hamilton County 911.

She was recently recognized for how she handled multiple situations at the same time in February beginning with the hijacking of a CARTA bus while also dealing with a fatal fire plus multiple fights at a downtown bar.

"It was one of those nights that it was very much back to back incidents,” said Boyd.

Her supervisors say she remained calm and professional, providing all the necessary details for responding officers.

I know they're going to do their job well so my job is to make sure they have as much information as possible so they're not walking into a situation that could literally get them hurt or put them in more danger,” said Boyd.

Boyd has helped a lot of people through their worst days and finds the work rewarding.

Her hard work earned her a special honor, an Outstanding Performance Award, from Hamilton County 911.