Battles for Chattanooga 158th Anniversary

This week marks a significant period not just for our area, but the country as a whole. November 23rd - 25th commemorates the Battles for Chattanooga during the American Civil War. The series of battles at Orchard Knob, Lookout Mountain and Missionary Ridge forced Confederate troops back into Georgia, 158 years ago, ending the siege of the vital railroad junction of Chattanooga.

All this week, the National Park Service is holding special presentations about those battles for the public.

"It is going to decide the fate of Chattanooga, possibly prolonging the war,” explains Park Ranger Chris Young. “This is really all about how quickly the war is going to end or how much will it be prolonged is really the question of Chattanooga in November, 1863."

The Federals’ victory at Chattanooga opened up the Deep South for a Union invasion and set the stage for Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman’s Atlanta Campaign the following spring.

For a list of commemorative presentations, visit the NPS website.

The National Park Service has also put together a timeline of the major events.