3 In Your Town: Rollins and His Big Red Ball

Rollins and his big red ball.

Every couple of days at the White Oak Dog Park, a Boston Terrier shows up with a disproportionately large ball.

"This is Rollins,” explains Robin Kakal. “My daughter and husband named him. Henry Rollins, Black Flag of course. And he lives for two things: to go bye-bye in car and play ball."

Of course, that's not terribly uncommon in the world of dogs. What could be considered a little unusual, again, is the size of the ball Rollins chooses to play with.

"You know we throw the little ball around but it didn't hold his interest so we ended up getting a larger ball, the size you see right now and he loves it,” says Karl Hakal. “He loves carrying it from the car to the park and loves playing with it."

Ball is less of a game for Rollins and more of a mission. And it seems that nothing can deter him from accomplishing just that. Though he's not terribly choosy about who throws said ball at the red bank dog park...if he brings it to you it's important to know what you're getting into.

"We wear gloves for obvious reasons,” laughs Robin. “He slobbers."

Rollins puts dozens of laps in every visit he makes. A crowd favorite, Rollins is indeed a very good boy.

"He's the dog with the big red ball. Or I should say the little dog with the big red ball."