3 In Your Town: Local Comic Shop Day

It is a huge week for local comic book store, Infinity Flux.

"Wednesday we have Local Comic Shop Day,” explained co-owner, Meagan Frey. “It's a day celebrating comic book stores, a lot like record store day or other specialty store days, celebrating independent comic book shops. It's immediately followed by Black Friday. So we're gonna have a ton of good deals and hopefully a lot of people out for that. And then wrapped up in all this, probably the most important thing is our seven-year anniversary."

Seven years in existence. Through good economic times and not so good economic times, based around a medium a lot of so-called experts claimed was going extinct.

"Our growth has been..well you can actually see it physically,” said Frey. “When you come in, we started in one small suite in the plaza that we're in. It has a total of five suites. It started in one and our landlord was nice enough to let us knock down some walls on either side. So we've expanded into almost three full storefronts within this plaza."

One of the advantages of being a small business is reacting quickly to your customers' wants and needs. And the team at Infinity Flux does just that. They always seem to look to stay relevant while moving forward.

"Next step is,” announced Frey, “we're gonna have a toy section so we're renovating right now. Hopefully, it will be done by Black Friday. That's another way we're growing. We're constantly looking for ways to improve."

Infinity Flux will have sales for Local Comic Shop Day and Black Friday. This local business would love to have you come check them out.