WHAT THE TECH? Digital Christmas wish lists

How many times have you asked someone on your gift list what they'd like for Christmas and they say, "I don't know". They may have some things in mind but they can't remember them right away. But what if there was a way to create a wish list when you think of something? In front of a computer or using the smartphone in their hands, a digital wish list is easy to create and share.

Amazon has its own "wish lists" which you'll see just below the "add to cart" and "buy now" buttons on product listings. You can create a different wish list for each person you're shopping for and ask them to add products when they think of them or when they're just browsing Amazon.

If you’re using a family Amazon account everyone will be able to access the wish lists but you can also share your wish list by sending along with a link through email. Keep in mind if you're using a family account other people may be able to see your orders, spoiling the surprise.

Another option is creating a shared Google Document.

Open Google Docs, if you have a Google account, you'll be able to create the document by going to docs.google.com. Then, invite or share other people the list so they can add items.

Anyone with access to the shared document can add items they'd like to receive by simply adding the name of the product or copying and pasting a link to the item, whether you're shopping at Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, or any other retailer.

The Google Doc is then accessible whether they're on their computer or through the Google Docs app on their phone.

Since it's Google, you may start seeing ads for those items when you're browsing the internet.

These are two great solutions to finding something someone wants. Or you can just give them a gift card.

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