Cleveland family raising money for children with cancer through large display of Christmas decorations

The Cleveland community is shining a little brighter with the opening of the King Family Light Show Friday night.

For the people in Cleveland, the holidays means three things: faith, family, and 6,000 lights at the King family home.

It started with a lone, purple bear. About 20 years and thousands of lights later, it turned into a massive display. The Kings said it takes about a month to set up everything.

"We test everything and then we bring them out, see where they're sitting, walk across the road, if we don't like it sitting there then we have to move it," Paula King said.

From the nativity scene, friends from Sesame Street, an upside down Christmas tree in the window, and the lights coordinated to the music. The King family light show has it all.

"We just keep adding a little each year," Paula King said.

When asked about the strangers constantly stopping by, Paula said, "At first it was a little weird but now it's not, we've just gotten used to it, we're just like hey!"

They said it's those faces that keep them wanting to get bigger and better every year.

"It's like my therapy and seeing smile on people's faces and giving them joy, that's why I continue to do it," Shawn King said.

This year, the King family is raising funds for the Austin Hatcher Foundation, providing services to children with cancer and their families through therapy and education.

"They have an amazing organization that we just want to be able to contribute something to them," Paula King said.

If you'd like to donate, click here.

Weather permitting, the display at 2455 Twin Oaks Drive SE, Cleveland, TN will be on every night during the following hours: Sunday-Thursday 6:00-10:00 and Friday-Saturday 6:00-11:00.

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