With cold temperatures creeping into the Tennessee Valley, flu season is already here as the Covid-19 pandemic continues.

Some health experts say it could result in a possible twindemic.

Experts say the best way to avoid infection during flu season and Covid-19 is to keep your vaccines up-to-date.

"Going back to this time last year certainly people were very concerned about a twindemic and it never really materialized, however, we did see a number of flu cases early on in the season last year," Dr. Jay Sizemore, Medical Director of Infection Prevention at Erlanger Health Systems said.

An uptick in the number of flu cases in places like Australia has put healthcare providers on alert.

"I think what's gotten a lot of people concerned is the nature of the flu season in Australia. It was a relatively severe influenza season in the Southern Hemisphere over the past five or six months… the cases were certainly up but interestingly; hospitalizations and deaths were not up as dramatically," he said.

Coupled with Covid-19, some say these two viruses in circulation at once could show the potential for a twindemic.

"The more we learn about COVID, I feel like the less we know and so I don't think we know what COVID is going to look like this winter," Sizemore said.

With multiple variants of Covid-19 circulation and health restrictions loosened, the community may be at risk to catch these viruses if they're not fully protected.

"It looks like most of the current variants that they're talking about are descendants of Omicron certainly there could be shifts where we might see a new variant," he said.

With the population focused on COVID protection over the last few years, many have become lackadaisical towards the prevention of the flu.

"There has been a slight dip in the number of vaccinations given. I think all of the controversy that surrounded the Covid-19 vaccinations and really just vaccinations in general, I think rates are down and I think people are fatigued with talking about and hearing about Covid-19 and other illnesses," he said.

Health officials suggest the best way to keep yourself healthy during the winter is to start prevention ahead of the peak season by keeping vaccines for the Influenza virus and boosters for Covid-19 up-to-date.

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