Now that the holiday season is in full swing, Erlanger is asking for help to make the Children's Hospital feel a bit more festive.

"It just is something that brightens up the room a little," said Senior Child Life Specialist Lois Simpson.

"It's nice to be able to go down the hall and glance in a window and the room may be dark, but you see little lights on a Christmas tree," said Simpson.

She said many trees are needed and will be distributed to any child patient throughout the month of December, even if they're released before Christmas.

"We have different patients coming in and out throughout the month so we want to make sure they're all able to participate and enjoy the tree," said Simpson.

She said to pay attention to small details because they can make a big difference for a child patient.

"Battery operated lights are the best, they would also include, we have some that have little Hot Wheels attached to them or Barbies," said Simpson.

The process is simple. Just grab a tiny tree, decorate it, and drop it off at Children's Hospital at Erlanger on Dec. 8th or 9th.

"You just pull up to the Children's Emergency Department and there will be somebody there to accept the tree," said Simpson.

Simpson said she isn't worried about the community helping out.

"We have a very generous community and I am always overwhelmed by the generosity every year," said Simpson.

There is no limit to how many trees you can bring.

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