A couple in Dunlap says, for the past 10 months, they've been trying to get a home warranty company to honor their policy. Feeling frustrated, they reached out to Local 3 News for help. 

Harold and Beverly Carmody say they only wanted to have a whirlpool switch fixed in their bath tub 10 months ago. They say what they thought was an easy fix has turned into a nightmare for them.

"I've called at least three to four times a week for the past six months," says Harold Carmody.

Harold Carmody says he and his wife Beverly signed up for an American Home Shield warranty back in February, looking for assistance with their home because of health issues.

"My wife has arthritis, in her back and in her hands, and the whirlpool is essential to her comfort," said Carmody.

Carmondy says in March the switch to turn on the whirlpool broke. Knowing how important it is for his wife's health, he made a service request to American Home Shield, who charged them $100 to have a contractor check it out.

Once it was determined that one part was needed to fix the switch, American Home Shield contacted them.

"Called up said 'hey its covered, we'll order it.' It was March 23rd when he was here," said Carmody.

Harold says a month later in May, nothing had been done so they called American Home Shield again.

He says he was told the warranty company ordered the wrong color and had to reorder it.

Harold says for the next few months he kept calling, desperate for answers, but was then told the part was back ordered because of the pandemic.

"That's a hard thing to do, to have someone who you love unable to find relief," said Carmody.

In October, Carmody called the jacuzzi company, who makes the part, and was told there were plenty of them in stock. So he called American Home Shield again.

"I found the part, here's the part number, here is the website, here is the phone number, call them they can have in seven to 10 days," said Carmody.

Carmody says American Home Shield stopped answering his calls.. until last week.

""Well it was delivered.' No it wasn't," said Carmody.

He says the home warranty company told him the part was delivered on December 2nd, but Carmody claims he never got it. He also wonders why he was never told, or talked to about getting it installed.

"You would think if you had a part come in that you want to get the job done, especially one that has been going on for 10 months," said Carmody.

Carmody says once again, American Home Shield stopped answering his calls, so we called the warranty company for answers.

A spokesperson sent Local 3 News this statement, saying they take great pride in providing quality service.

"Our customer care team is working directly with Mr. Carmody to ensure his situation is properly resolved. We are conducting an end-to-end review of his matter to better understand the details and address this matter appropriately. As a gesture of goodwill, we have reimbursed his service fee."

Carmody tells us he still has not heard from the company and just wants the situation resolved.

"At this point, I just want them to put the part in, get it running, and then be done with them," said Carmody.

When considering a home warranty company, the Better Business Bureau suggests checking out the company before signing a contract, know what they cover and their track record. 

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