CRIME STOPPERS: Identifying suspect could lead to break-up of larger theft ring

There's a chance your help identifying a woman could lead to the break-up of a theft ring that could be operating in several cities or even states. But, even if your tip only stops her, you will still get paid.

"When you look at the suspect, she may be local to Chattanooga, or she could be from Athens, or even as far away as Knoxville," said Chattanooga Police Sgt. Victor Miller. Why do investigators believe that? Because, this was a little more complicated than the usual smash-and-grab.

The victim had parked at the Redoubt Soccer Fields off Bonny Oaks Drive on a Sunday afternoon.

"Her vehicle was there and she did leave her wallet and purse inside the vehicle," Miller explained. "The suspect took this prime opportunity to break into the vehicle and take those items."

Surveillance photos show a close look at the woman they say tried to use the debit and credit cards she had taken.

"The suspect is at a bank in this photo and she actually takes her mask off," Miller continued. "So, we got a great look at who she is."

It appears she is a white female, in her 20's or 30's. Do you recognize her?

"She may be a friend or family member, but call in to Crime Stoppers," said Miller. "She'll never know that you called and then you can earn a cash reward up to $1000."

This additional detail shows why police believe, even though she is alone in the car, she may be part of a broader scheme. Also stolen from the car on that Sunday was a state issued ID. Investigators say the suspect used that to try to cash checks which take time to print up.

"They're going to use the name that's on that ID. So, they have to make the fake checks. So, it is a long process," Sgt. Miller said. "So, we know that this criminal, it's not the first time she's done this and she could be involved with other people."

This may be your opportunity to help put a whole gang of criminals out of business.

"Also, in one of the photos that we have, she's actually smiling," Miller added, "so, it seems like she's happy to be committing this crime. So let's make her happy to be in jail for committing the crime."

You do not have to know her name. Maybe you know where she lives or hangs out, or have seen her here or there. Any bit of information that leads investigators to her can get you in on that reward.

Call Crime Stoppers: 698-3333. That line is manned 24/7. Up to $1,000 is on the line and we will never ask for your name.