Someone decided to deface a local historic site and we hope our reward cash will lead to their arrest and a payday for you.

This was not a great way to start off the month most associated with sweethearts. Perhaps, a profession of love scrawled on a wall could have been excused with a slap on the wrist. But, in this case, what was painted and where... let's just say no Mulligans will be issued.

"This is a vandalism where the suspect doesn't gain anything, that we know about, but it's a loss to the community," said Chattanooga Police Sgt. Victor Miller.

Thankfully, it has since been repaired by the hard work of crews from Parks and Outdoors. But, someone should face consequences for this. "They used to spray paint on both the interior and the exterior of the cabin at Greenway Farms," Sgt. Miller explained.

The Sniteman log cabin in Hixson was built by pioneers in the 1850s and lovingly deconstructed and reconstructed in its current location in 2011. It is used as a gathering place for local residents and visitors, alike.

"We believe that the suspects overnight, early in February, went in when no one was around and they spray painted several things," said Miller. "Some profanity, pictures of guns and different things."

Events and get-togethers had to be moved, on short notice, while restoration work at the historic structure was going on.

"And in that time, the community was not able to use this cabin," Sgt. Miller added. "We're hoping that the suspects have told someone or that there's more than one that has committed this crime and they've told someone." 

The saying from the World War II era was "loose lips sink ships." In this case, the vandals' loose lips could get you paid. It is believed this all happened overnight, February 1st.

"So, if you happen to have been in the area and saw some suspicious activity," Miller said, "or, if you think a friend or family member was involved in it; maybe they showed you maybe some photos that they took, maybe you saw a Facebook post or any little thing that you can think of that may be related to this, call in to Crime Stoppers and provide that information." 

If you know anything about this crime, we have up to $1,000 up for grabs and we will never ask your name. The vandal or vandals will never know you called. The Crime Stoppers hotline in manned 24/7. Call: 698-3333


Greg Glover anchors Local 3 News evening newscasts. He also handles Crime Stoppers on Wednesday nights; Band of the Week on Friday Night Football, and is host and moderator of Tennessee Insider, the weekly political round-table on WTCI-TV.

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