As cars have become more complicated, so have the tools used to repair them. For mechanics, their biggest investments may not be in the traditional ratchets or crescent wrenches, but in the electronic scanners they plug in to trace down the problems.

We have some pictures of a guy police say walked off with small piece, about 10" X 12", that has a garage short a huge expense. 

At about 4 o'clock in the afternoon of December 19th, a man walked in at HI-TECH Transmission on Brainerd Road. Chattanooga Police Sgt. Victor says, he spotted a scanner.

"He saw it laying on the counter and took advantage of no one being around, at the time," he said. "Grabbed a piece of equipment and left."

It was not just a laptop or iPad, it was a car scanner made by Snap-On and is worth big money...about $15,000.

The pictures we have from surveillance cameras are not great. He is a white man wearing a black shirt and khakis, but his ride may get him.

"He arrived and left and black Chrysler 300," Sgt. Miller said. "It is very distinctive, so take a look at it. It looks like it has some trim that doesn't come standard." 

The customized car and the specialized tool police say he took could be hints, themselves. "He's likely involved in automotive, maybe aftermarket or working on cars, something like that," Miller added. "Because, he knows exactly what this piece of equipment was."

Here is a chance to get in on reward cash, even if you do not recognize him from the photos.

Maybe you have a friend or family member that, all of a sudden, got a Snap-On car scanner," said Sgt. Miller. "And they didn't have that before, around December before the Christmas holidays. He has that equipment now, so that may be a clue." 

If you can put together the suspect, his car, and a very specialized piece of mechanic kit that showed up around the holidays, we have up to $1,000 reward for your good tip.

Call Crime Stoppers: 698-3333. That line is manned for you 24/7 and he will never know you called because we will never ask for your name.


Greg Glover anchors Local 3 News evening newscasts. He also handles Crime Stoppers on Wednesday nights; Band of the Week on Friday Night Football, and is host and moderator of Tennessee Insider, the weekly political round-table on WTCI-TV.

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