This is the kind of thing that needs to be arrested before civilized society slips away. You should not have to worry about bodily harm when you turn your cart into the next aisle at the store.

Police believe the two men you will see in the accompanying pictures can help them identify all who may have been involved in the fight. 

"Normally," said Chattanooga Police Sgt. Victor miller, "when you're shopping, you don't expect a fight to break out and to be injured; punched in the face." It was a different story at the Target on Gunbarrel Road at midday on a February Saturday. "There were at least three or four people that were directly involved in the fight and three or four people were not involved in the fact that were all in one aisle," he continued, "and multiple people were injured." 

Police did not provide video of the fight, but we have a look at two men leaving the store.

"There is a black male that's wearing a black puffer type jacket and then a black male that's wearing a white shirt," said Miller. "They may or may not be directly involved in the fight, but would like to talk with them."

The reason for the scuffle may have been some jewelry.

"Witnesses are telling us is that one of the parties that were involved in this fight appeared like they were going to grab the chain off of another person, and they started fighting over the chain," explained Sgt. Miller.

One of the employees broke up the fight. For the sake of the injured who were not involved, we are trying to track down the men in the security camera photo. We have reward cash waiting.

"If you know any information about either of these parties," said Miller, "what their name is, where they work, where they live, anything like that, call in and provide that information in Crime Stoppers so we can get that to the officers that investigated this."

Any bit of information can help and get you some Crime Stoppers cash. Call: 698-3333. That line is manned 24/7 and we will never ask you for you name, so these guys will not know you got involved.


Greg Glover anchors Local 3 News evening newscasts. He also handles Crime Stoppers on Wednesday nights; Band of the Week on Friday Night Football, and is host and moderator of Tennessee Insider, the weekly political round-table on WTCI-TV.

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