Crime Stoppers dealership theft

UPDATE: We have an update to a Crime Stoppers report we brought you last week, in which a man stole a car from Village Volkswagen.

Chattanooga Police have issued warrants for Harold Doss. 

On June 18th, showroom surveillance cameras show a man who walked into Village Volkswagen, and presented his I.D. to take a vehicle for a test drive.

When he left in the White Chevy Silverado Pickup, his accomplice, who had taken him to the dealership, pulled away as well.

Police believe the man behind the crime is Harold Doss.

If you notice that white Silverado abandoned in your neighborhood, any bit of information can help and get you closer to our crimestoppers reward.

PREVIOUS STORY: It is an outlandish scheme, especially considering our suspect's apparent age, but that may factor in to his trust-ability. Detectives say he walked in to the dealership, then simply drove away. If you know him, you will recognize him and we have up to $1,000 for your good tip.  

"He is using a Tennessee ID that does have a local address, but that address and ID are not linked to him, in any way," said Chattanooga Police Sgt. Victor Miller.

He is not passing fake checks or necessarily assuming someone's identity, though.

"On Saturday about 10 o'clock in the morning, the white male suspect went into Village Volkswagen," he continued, "and he told the staff there that he wanted to test drive a vehicle." 

Investigators say he used the fake id to get the keys, then never returned.

"As soon as he went on the test drive," said Miller, "the person who brought him to the dealership left with him, in a second vehicle. So, we know at least two people were involved in this incident." 

There may be even more: someone producing the IDs and someone gathering addresses he uses. In this case, someone from the dealership checked the address he had listed as his own.

"That house was for sale and that person didn't live there," Miller explained. "It was a totally different family who had no idea who this person was." 

Here are a few extra clues: the vehicle police say he swiped was a white 2017 Chevrolet Silverado pick-up. His accomplice was driving a white SUV. As for the suspect, in-showroom surveillance provides us with a number of good views.

"The suspect appears be a white male," Sgt. Miller said. "The birthday he's using on the ID probably coincides near his age. So, he's probably in the 60 to 70-year old range."

The suspect might not be a local, so you are invited you to use your sources to get our reward cash.

"He may live in an outside surrounding area," Miller said. "So, if you see this information, share with your friends and family so, that way, we can find out who the suspect is."

Detectives say this is just one way they may be using these IDs for no good. So, help bring their little enterprise to an end. 

And, if you notice that white Silverado abandoned in your neighborhood, call that in, too. Any bit can help and get you closer to our Crime Stoppers reward.

Call 698-3333. Up to $1,000 is available and we will never ask your name.


Greg Glover anchors Local 3 News evening newscasts. He also handles Crime Stoppers on Wednesday nights; Band of the Week on Friday Night Football, and is host and moderator of Tennessee Insider, the weekly political round-table on WTCI-TV.

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