A longtime Chattanooga radio host received an award from President Joe Biden.

WNOO radio station's Willie McClendon was awarded the president's life time achievement award.

McClendon was given the award for her commitment to building a stronger nation through volunteer service.

Willie McClendon has been a radio host for WNOO in Chattanooga for more than 15 years.

She was one of 15 people in Chattanooga to receive the president's life time achievement award from Joe Biden.

The award recognizes the countless hours of service the recipients have put in.

“I never would've expected anything like this, never ever in my life. Although, I have been a community activist in forever too, but I never thought that someone from Washington D.C. would recognize my work here in Chattanooga and what I have done in the past,” McClendon said.

McClendon joined the radio industry at WJTT in the early 80s.

“I started with Gospel with a young man named Charles who was in charge and the music director. All I wanted to do was to select gospel music that they are playing because I am in and out of town with my grandparents and I am hearing different music that I am hearing here,” McClendon said.

She would soon be given an opportunity to become a radio personality.

That eventually led her to where she is now.

Mr. Clear who owns this radio station came and asked me can I come and work for them. So, then I said yes and so I have been here ever since,” McClendon added.

McClendon plays gospel and soul music for her listeners of WNOO and also advocates for the underserved community.

Before her radio days and even now she has always stood up and spoke out for African Americans and the less fortunate.

“There's a lot of things going on right now in Chattanooga and if it becomes something really big, I'll be on the line, I'll be out there marching,” McClendon said.

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