Chattanooga Missionaries are back overseas, helping Ukrainians for the next few weeks.

Last year, Henry Benach and his wife Victoria went to Poland to help refugees escaping Ukraine. Now, the two are there in person.

Benach and his wife are currently in southern Ukraine, across a river from where a Russian army is set up.

"We have gone to several cities where the Russian Army had occupied. The city destroyed and everything, people had nothing. Yesterday, there was a place where there was no water, no electricity, no food," Benach said.

For the past five days, Benach and his crew have traveled to several communities throughout Ukraine with trailers packed with food, water, and medical equipment and handed them out while spreading the gospel.

"We are also trying to help people rebuild their homes that are terribly damaged. We are trying to raise funds and provide funds for them to buy material and new windows and things so they can have their homes back, basically," Benach said.

Despite dealing with the attacks from Russia for over a year now, he said the Ukrainians that have stuck around are in better spirits than you would expect.

"I tell them that America is praying for you, America is concerned about you, we haven't forgotten about you. They are so appreciative and thankful that we are able to help them," Benach said.

Benach and his wife plan to stay until the end of March to continue helping people in need.

"Just pray for us that we will have safety. We are pretty close to the war zone; it's not like we are taking a chance or gambling or anything. We are here and feel pretty safe; we have good people working with us. Just keep us in your prayers and think about us as we try to serve the people of Ukraine," Benach said.

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