An arraignment is scheduled in a few weeks for a man accused of sexual assault at a Chattanooga bar. His accuser said he has been fighting for justice for two years and wants to see it come to fruition. He said male sexual assaults are often overlooked, and he is trying to raise awareness.

"I feel so broken from this," said Sean Leydig in tears. He is a part of the LGBTQ community and said he was sexually assaulted at the Big Chill and Grill during Bingo night by another man.

Leydig feels the court system failed him by taking this long to have his day in court and said people have even retaliated against him for speaking out.

He said he has chosen to advocate for male sexual assault victims and shared his story.

"I've been on autopilot, it's (the sexual assault) left me disabled, and making connections with people anymore and my mind just can't do that anymore and it's just very dark," he said.

He said Terrance Wright groped him on his crotch without his consent while intoxicated.

"I slap his hand and I tell him you don't touch me there unless I invite you to." said Leydig. He said he didn't leave the bar or scene, because he shouldn't have to. 

A Chattanooga Police report said Wright forced his tongue into Leydig's mouth, and had also made sexually obscene comments during the incident.

Investigators obtained the surveillance video that showed the incident from October 2020.

Leydig said even though the assault happened two years ago, they are still fighting the case in court. He said the assault haunts him daily, and he won't stop until he gets justice.

"The absolute hell and torture this individual has put me through. To the fullest extent of the law they need to be held accountable," said Leydig.

He said he also holds The Big Chill and Grill management accountable. "They handled this poorly," he said.

Local 3 News talked to the owner of The Big Chill and Grill and they said they have no recollection of the sexual assault. They said they have no further comment.

Leydig said he has been victim shamed, and also by Wright on social media. It's a scenario that happens too often to victims, he said.

Local 3 News reached out to Wright and he did not respond to us for comment.

"(Male sexual assault) needs to be taking a lot more serious," said Leydig.

According to the National Library of Medicine, male sexual assaults and rapes often go unreported because of the stigma associated with it.

However, Leydig is trying to break that stigma and get justice.

"If I can get my justice, that'll prove to me that there is some kind of light in all of this," said Leydig in tears.

The arraignment will be on June 3rd.

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