'IT WAS DISTURBING': Atlanta couple believes in ghosts after spending night at Read House

Photo of Tripp and Shiba Gorman from Atlanta by WRCB staff.

One Atlanta couple stayed overnight in a haunted room of the Read House in Chattanooga. 

They arrived not believing in ghosts; but after Thursday night's stay, they say they now believe in paranormal activity.

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This is the first time the hotel has allowed guests to stay in Room 311 since the renovation. 

It's been said paranormal activity goes on in the room, leaving many guests wanting to stay the night.

Hotel management says the ghost of a woman who was allegedly beheaded in Room 311 during the 1920s still haunts it today. 

"It was just very disturbing," said Shiba Gorman, who stayed overnight in 311. 

Shiba Gorman and her husband Tripp Gorman drove from Atlanta to Chattanooga as the first guests to stay overnight since the room was restored.

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They paid a symbolic price to stay the night. 

"$666 and 67 cents. 6-6-6," Trip Gorman told Channel 3. 

Legend has it that Annalisa Netherly was a hotel guest in the 20's who was beheaded in the bathtub by a jealous lover. Hotel management says her ghost has unfinished business.

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"I did get a very heavy, kind of like a sad feeling, from this place," said Shiba. 

The couple says it was a sleepless night in Room 311, hearing voices, the sound of scratching, and even getting touched.

"She said I feel something grabbing my wrist and then it happened and stopped," Trip recalled.

The couple says they felt something pushing against the bed. They believe it was the ghost of Annalisa Netherly. 

"I just kept seeing things move in the corner of my eye," said Shiba.

Tripp says he had just left the living room and when he came back, drawers were wide open. 

"I stop and I look at it and I'm like wait. And I run back in, and I'm like 'baby are you messing with me?' I slid it back in; but, oh my God, I was shaking for about 10 minutes," Tripp said.

The Gormans said if they didn't believe in ghosts before, they sure do now. 

The Read House is located at 107 W M.L.K. Boulevard in downtown Chattanooga.