Flooding causing problems for more than just roadways

"We were supposed to have 17 games so far, and we've only had eight," said Jack Patterson, who plays for the Chattanooga Patriots Homeschool Baseball Team. 

It's been a frustrating season for the Patriots, who have barely been able to get a game in lately with all the recent rain.

"The call comes in. Game cancelled. It puts you down the rest of the day," said Patterson's older brother and teammate, Max.

Before a first pitch is thrown at Camp Jordan, it's a day-long effort trying to get the diamonds dry enough first.

"The hardest thing about this job, somebody gets up and their road's dry. So they think it's fine everywhere in the world. They don't realize we're dealing with a field out here that's clay and grass," said Stump Martin, East Ridge Parks & Recreation Director.

Fighting the rain has been a battle on nearly a daily basis, Martin said.

"We have had rain consistently since the first week of December," he added.

Crews at Camp Jordan were out all day on Monday trying to clean up flooded areas for the evening games.

Saturated fields make it tough to play in, and even more difficult to maintain.

Camp Jordan has successfully hosted most of its tournaments this year, but the BPA Baseball Tournament that hosted 56 teams was rained out. 

"The people putting the tournaments on are the ones losing the money," Martin said.

And for some players, like Patterson, rainouts mean losing out on valuable memories on the field.

"Being my senior year, it's like come on, I want to play," he said. "I'm not going to pursue baseball after this. I want to play."