FIRST ON 3: Mrs. B's Reggae Cafe closes doors following death of owner, chef

Neville Forsythe, the chef and owner at Mrs. B's Reggae Cafe, died on July 8 in a car accident. 

The family had his funeral on July 19. The family is also saying goodbye to the restaurant, which has now closed for good. 

"There's no way we can continue that restaurant without dad being there. It would be too much," said Forsythe's daughter, Loni Lymus.

The chef leaves behind a wife and four kids.

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"He was like a Chattanooga monument. Everybody knew him," Lymus told Channel 3. 

Chef Neville Forsythe was well-known for the Jamaican food he served at his restaurant. He was more widely known for serving kindness to everyone who passed through.

"White, black, Puerto Rican, Chinese, whatever language you spoke, he could speak to you through his food and that was dad," said Lymus. 

Forsythe's family is hoping to turn their loss into someone else's gain. 

"When my mom said we should do a scholarship, I said let's do it," recalled Lymus. 

It's called the Neville Osmond Forsythe Sr. Scholarship Fund. 

"We decided that that's how we are going to leave a legacy," said Lymus. 

The family tells Channel 3 they plan to award two scholarships each year, one for someone going to culinary school and another for kids involved in Boy Scouts of America.

"The legacy has certainly been sown throughout Chattanooga for the past 30-something years," Lymus says.

Click here to donate to the scholarship fund.