Students at McConnell Elementary were in a giving spirit on Monday by giving back to the Chattanooga Area Food Bank and by being part of Channel 3's Share Your Christmas.

"My family brought in like 30-something the first few days, then 45, then we brought in like 90 something, then way more," said fifth-grader Zoe Belko.

Belko worked with her family for over a week to collect can-by-can. Then she took that teamwork and used it with her classmates.

"It was cool when we were told how many pounds of cans we were able to get and how many people it was able to go to and it was so cool," said Belko.

She and other students like Evan Sheedy took a break from the classroom to teach a different type of lesson.

"You help someone, something good should come back to you," said Sheedy.

Dana Bridges helped organize this effort at McConnell. She said together the school collected 4,560 cans.

"We had several families come and say that they did extra chores around the house to raise extra money to buy extra cans," said Bridges.

Bridges said this type of lesson is invaluable and something all of her students continue to learn can-by-can and day-by-day.

"It brings them together, gives them a sense of purpose," said Bridges. "It's just been a really good experience for everyone and all the students to get involved."

"It's all going to people that need it," said Sheedy.

Both Zoe and Evan hope even more people give back this holiday season and said they're already looking forward to next year's fundraiser.

"You should definitely come because not only is it fun to be able to collect the cans and bring in the cans, but you're also helping so many people that aren't able to eat a meal," said Belko.

You can celebrate the holiday spirit with us and McConnell Elementary on December 10th by watching Share Your Christmas.

We'll also be collecting donations for the Chattanooga Area Food Bank.