Channel 3 crew threatened with arrest after asking Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene a question during town hall meeting

Marjorie Taylor Greene hosts a public town hall event in Dalton, Georgia on Jan. 27, 2021.

A Whitfield County Sheriff's Deputy escorted a Channel 3 crew out of a public town hall meeting Wednesday night and threatened them with arrest after attempting to ask Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene a question.

The town hall meeting was one of three Greene is hosting this week across the district. It was held on North Dug Gap Road in Dalton. District 14 citizens were asked to register for the event and submit questions for Greene ahead of time.


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Greene's office invited the media to the event, including Channel 3's crew which had credentials to attend. Once on property, members of the media were told they would not be permitted to speak to anyone attending or ask any questions. 

Greene discussed the recent headlines over her Facebook posts, made before being elected to Congress, that indicated her support of violence against prominent Democrats.

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Channel 3's reporter attempted to ask a question of Greene about the posts and the resolution to expel her from the House, but Greene said she was there to talk to her constituents.

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That's when a member of Greene's staff approached Channel 3's reporter and told her to leave the event. Greene's staff waived over a deputy who escorted Channel 3's reporter and photographer out of the building. 

The Channel 3 crew informed the deputy that they were invited to the public event and also had credentials to be there. The deputy threatened to arrest the crew and charge them with criminal trespassing if they did not leave the property.

Channel 3 is working to get answers from the Whitfield County Sheriff's Office about the incident that took place.

A spokesperson for Greene's office reached out to Channel 3 following the incident and said the reporter was removed because the event "was not a press conference" and she was not approved to ask questions. The spokesperson, who called from Washington, D.C., said the reporter caused a "disruption" by asking her question.