CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- A year ago, a car crash left Edward and Carrissia Foy stranded in Chattanooga.

They had no choice but to stay.

They didn't have money to repair their car or enough to make it home to Shelbyville.

Today, they have no doubt that's what saved their sons' lives. Sons they weren't even expecting at the time of the crash.

"I never wanted kids," says Carrissia Foy. "So it surprised me, really."

She says she cried when she learned she was pregnant.

"I see her point about never wanting to have kids, 'cause so many women are left raising them alone. She got lucky, got somebody gonna stick with her," Edward Foy explained.

About the time they adjusted to idea of having a baby came another surprise.

"They found two sacks," said Edward, who reportedly started dancing in the hallway when doctors delivered the news Carrissia was carrying twins.

It was a difficult pregnancy. Carrissia was put on bed rest, but because they needed money, she tried to keep working. Doctors ended up putting her in the hospital to preserve her health.

"They basically told me it was either them or me," Carrissia remembers.

One of the babies wasn't receiving enough nutrition, and doctors took the babies three months early.

Samuel weighed four pounds, twelve ounces. Robert was just one pound, eleven ounces.

Their first-time parents now find themselves in a place that just a year ago they never would have believed possible.

"I'm not helpless, but I feel helpless," Edward told us. "It's a huge blessing, but then you got complications with the blessings."

Carrissia admits, "For somebody who really didn't want kids, it's heart wrenching for me. 'Cause them babies has changed my life and my heart."

Now two months old, both boys are at healthy weights. But both have had problems breathing and eating. Samuel needed surgery. Robert will likely need surgery, too.

The Foys say they know the car crash that stranded them here was no accident.

"I think being here, in Chattanooga, at Erlanger, has been a good blessing," said Edward, "cause the kids and her had the proper care."

All indications are that both boys will eventually be healthy enough to go home. And when that day comes, their dad has big plans.

"When they come home, I just wanna spend time with them, I wanna hug 'em and squeeze 'em and change their diapers, you know."